The Thrill of Letting Go

Have you ever been so attached to a thought, a material possession, or the fear of failure that you were never able to see the light at the end of the tunnel? you would be surprised how things work themselves out on their own, when you just let go! Literally just ride the wave.. Keep good intentions in your heart, stay true to yourself and just have Faith.

Attachment to anything is un-healthy for our state of being and maintaing a balanced lifestyle. Attachment to materialistic possessions or emotional baggage will only take you on a unpredictable road of High’s and Low’s. Once you lose attachment and accept everything as is, you free yourself from having to deal with any peaks or spikes in emotion. This will ultimately lead to a much healthier and proactive life. The happiest people in the world are often found in the poorest places, only because they live a life through simplicity.

Let go what doesn’t bring you to your peak state of being!