Feeling sooo foreign!! Pics from today


Greedily getting dinner at 3am Benihana style, after a loonggg 20 hour flight.


First meal, had to do it right;) candles and everything. Cost: $8 (which is very expensive here, but I was starving and it was my first night so I didn’t care much)


Here’s my luxury suite, for $30 a night it’s not to shabby. I plan on staying in dorm environments from here on out; it was just my first couple of nights so I needed some solitude to calm the mind.


The lobby and fellow travelers doing there thanggg. Dude in the yellow shirt is currently ranting about politics behind me as I type this haha


Here’s my map aka my best friend for the past 8 hours. I was fortunate enough to cover all of Bangkok in one day:) started at 6am and just finished here at 5pm. That big blue river was a blast to get taxi’d around on.. met a lot of cool people on there too.


For 50 baht ($1.63) I was able to get a solid workout in. Working out outdoors is something else! I’d care to bring this idea back to the states and try to make something happen.


Getting my golden Buddha on while sporting the blood red bandana! shout out to mom for throwing that in my backpack, it was a life saver in this heat.


134 foot 24k golden glass mosaic Buddha towering over the city. Pretty chill if you ask me.


Wat Arun- had to get this pic in honor of my buddy Arun Sengupta. Beautiful architecture though!


China Town!!


Heiny on Khao San Road. Khao San is probably the craziest street in Bangkok. Within minutes of arriving I was being offered happy endings and getting hit on by she-men. I had to get a beer it me, things were just getting to weird lol.


Nothing beats street vendor pricing! tastes great too. $3 got me 3 killer chicken skewers.

CHECK THE VIDEOS! more pics coming soon:)

3 thoughts on “Feeling sooo foreign!! Pics from today

  1. Kosta! Day one and already you’re havin a good time! We are definitely going to live vicariously through your pics and posts! Keep em coming and have fun!

  2. Love the pictures, Kosta. Looks like you’ve experienced quite a bit in such a short time. Enjoy your adventures & be safe.

  3. Lovin the pics, way to hit the ground runnin! I only wish I was there to share the care.

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