Pictures & Videos of my trip to Koh Samui Island!

Feeling like I have the whole world in my arms! breathe taking views all around me.

IMG_3329First time eating duck! These bad boys are surprisingly very tinder and tasty.. even ended up going back a couple hours after this pic for another entree because it was so delicious.

Some urban soccer at it’s finest!


Truth is, I used this pic as an excuse to spark conversation with these 2 girls at the train station while waiting for my train to Surat Thani.. the good ol’ “Excuse me, can you take a pic of me really quick?” never fails;)

IMG_3354Here was my sleeping accommodations from the 12 hour train ride. It was a rough night to say the least.

IMG_3363Some friends I met on the train:) This specific pic was taken in the party cart where they would serve food, alcohol and play music until about 11pm.


Always wanted to do this! glad I was able to in such beautiful scenery

IMG_3425Big Buddha Beach. Northern part of Ko Samui

3 thoughts on “Pictures & Videos of my trip to Koh Samui Island!

  1. ko, you look good and glad you are having a good time as the traveling man. keep us updated and we love you.

  2. My brotha kosta living it up man keep doing your.thannggg your having a.blast. Be safe out.there.
    Missing you man
    Love marv

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