Ko Samui – Soaking it all in

Here’s some pictures & videos of day number two, on Ko Samui Island. I rented a motor bike for 3 days, so, I’ve primarily just been cruising around and trying to soak up the culture; and man is it a freakin trip getting lost in another country, or what?! Relying on nothing but instinct and intuition I some how came out of each down fall so far. Things get stressful out here for sure, especially being by myself and having minimal communication with locals because of the language barrier, but my patience and perseverance are at it’s peak. Living a life so far %100 free from all security is exceptionally thrilling and forces you to stay in the moment; or at one with yourself to you spiritual guru’s reading this. Enjoy the PICTURES!

Chalee Villa. Staying here for 3 nights. $30 a night
Beach that rests in front of my Bungalow
Gas is $1.26 a gallon in US dollar for 91 octane!
Grandfather rock! (grandfather because it resembles a penis)
Big Buddha Temple


IMG_3479 SAM_0186