Scuba Diving!! another check off the bucket list

After a quick decision to migrate east to Koh Phi Phi Island, followed by a rough night in Krabi Province. I had only two things on my mind, #1 to go rock-climbing and #2, was to strap up the oxygen tank, slide on my mermaid (or in this case) merman fins, and explore the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Met some inspiring instructors who travel the world as scuba instructors from season to season, never settling just living in the bliss of the moment. Tim, a 31 year old man from Argentina has been traveling the world since he was 21 and has been funding his travels through import/exporting silver and crafting art out of coconut shells! I couldn’t believe it, he’s now a full time scuba instructor who has life stories that would intrigue even a Vietnam war vet;)

Wish I had a water proof camera:/

yeaaaaaa buddy
Captains Pit
Captains Pit
Dive site #1
Dive site #2
Dive site #2
these 3 gave me an abdominal workout like no other.. all laughs and smiles. Sue got spooked by the black nose sharks though it was comedy haha

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  1. My brotha kosta living it up good shit.. Dude you look soo happy I cant stories when you get back . That rock climbing looks hella dope. Ayyee those chicas I feels haha jk well adios playa be safe

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