Breaking away from conformity to live a life you desire!

It was only 3 weeks ago, that I was living a life of conformity. Stressing about managing my day around work, asking myself day in and day out why school didn’t come as easy for me as it did for my peers, and living a life of predictability; knowing that the most exciting thing I would do was take my motorcycle for a ride into the surrounding sceneries of my home town about 30 miles east from San Francisco.

Since a young age, my intuition was always telling me “this isn’t how life should be lived”, but in the moment of a young undeveloped mind with societies views of respect and don’t question authority, go to school, get a good job and play into the system while paying your taxes and abiding by state and federal laws being forced upon me, caused me to constantly rebel against oppression and live a life as if I were desperately trying to break away from some type of illusionary jail that I was locked into with no way of escaping. No one ever understood why I would act like I did, hell I didn’t even understand really. My parents would put me in therapy thinking there was something wrong with me but really, now looking back at it I just wanted to live FREE and CREATE a life with no boundaries or someone else telling me what I can or cannot do.

Traveling from Thailand and now Greece, i’ve come across alooooot of like minded people all chasing the same dreams to CREATE a life of freedom from being an economic slave and the ability to manifest greatness in which ever shape or form they desire.

Here’s my advice to you:

Have you ever heard of that saying “don’t shit where you sleep”, well on a bigger scale that’s how inspiration and growth work. For example: If you were born and raised in a city such as Walnut Creek (my hometown) or wherever you might reside, you have adapted to a culture and way of thinking different than someone from Istanbul, Turkey; let’s say. I believe a common goal for every human is the desire to create, that could mean to invent something, create a service that helps others, create a business that gains you recognition in your field or whatever it might be we all desire to create just like we dream to one day create a family with kids and grand kids who grow up to be masters in which ever fields they choose. Anyways, anyone can become ridiculously successful and inspired if you just spread your wings and  spread your knowledge/skills/passions beyond your comfort zone.

American’s tend to be more aggressive, outgoing and riskier than say Chinese, but chinese tend to be more patient, ethical and feed off simplicity compared to American’s when it comes to business. So, if you had a business idea, instead of competing against your own breed, spread your wings and give China a different approach as well as learn from them about how they manage their lives, careers and that won’t only make your more diversified but you will fill a piece in your puzzle towards fulfillment by spreading your self worth and appreciation on a way broader scale.

Point is, Get out! break free from thinking on such a small scale and think globally! there are so many untouched ideas waiting to manifest if you just got out and looked at them from a different perspective! learn to become fearless because what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger. You don’t need a degree to be great, and you don’t need someone else’s approval on how to live. Because once you feel your own inner greatness, those who once looked away, won’t help but look back in astonishment!;)

4 thoughts on “Breaking away from conformity to live a life you desire!

  1. Big K! Im glad I got ahold of your blog. I think its awesome what you’re doing. There isn’t a school in the world that will teach anyone how to write how you just did.What you wrote is truth straight from the heart. Keep doing your thing brotha!

  2. Hi Kosta Love all that you are doing! I know by the time you return home you will have gained so much knowlege. Awesome Kosta !

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