From the Mountain Peaks to the Gardens of Kastania

Interior view from my humble stone abode!

The ethics, morale and knowledge of these village people are growing on me more and more each day. The sense of community is something I have never experienced back in the states. People here come and approach you as if you were best friends within the first glance of a smile. I constantly preach to the few who can understand that, even though America may be rich materialistically, where you can acquire the nice house and exotic car if that is what you desire; we lack the richness of the soul, and that even though America is marketed to the world as the “American Dream” there is nothing intrinsic or fulfilling about it. “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is greater than silver or gold” – Bob Marley

Waterfall posing in the mountains of Kastania. Bear, Wolf, and Sheep territory
Thea Eleni in her garden. The elderly of the village love their gardens
Johny the horse taking me on the ride of my life
my 2nd cousin Anna and I before going out for some cafe!
Stefani Village, neighbor to Kastania
My non-english speaking friends
shepherd and a couple of her males
Herd of sheep
Evangelina thinks she can fly
Thea Eleni and Stelios home
This is where I am staying, have the whole house to myself so if any of you from back home want to come live the village life for a while, your more than welcomed;)

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Aristea and I
Aristea and I


Elsa and Thea Eleni. miss these girls
Elsa and Thea Eleni. miss these girls


2 thoughts on “From the Mountain Peaks to the Gardens of Kastania

  1. Nice photos and Evangelia, she has not changed. yet she still maybe a chain smoker. puff puff. glad you are getting a taste of the village life my boy. Need to know who Anna Is?.
    Yassou pathie me. saga pou. and filikia

  2. Nephew: Thanks for the great pictures, I am totally envious of were your staying at the moment. Man! why would you want to leave Greece when you have headquarters right there in Kastania.. It’s the perfect place to chill between island hoping, and big cities. Anyway, I’m glad you have been able to hook up with relatives and make new friends. Did you drink water from Kastania, let the people know how special the water taste there. When your Dad and I were there for our first time there was no electricity, no phones, no running toilets, no hotels or swimming pools. Hope your doing well and enjoy your adventure abroad. Love Theo Krissto

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