3 days. 44 miles. 25 hours of trekking

Well, here I am, 3 days into the Camino. Exhausted. Sore. Driven, and committed. Today was by far the longest and most grueling of the three, as I sit here aching in pain, in need of an ice bath to sooth my feet; I’m more than proud of myself for pushing through a 12 hour hike today. Conquered two mountains, got to ease my way through the rolling hills of the green spanish country side and met some great people along the way.

Starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France; I’m now sitting in a bar/restaurant in Obanos, Spain trying to think of the words to help give you an idea of what these past couple days have been like. I’ve had countless encounters with people from all walks of life, young and old; some with children, others with their pet dog. The size of your bank account, or what power you hold amongst your colleagues back home, doesn’t matter here. We’re all equally struggling with one common goal, to reach Santiago.

Being a 21 year old, solo traveler from California has definitely gained me a reputation around here, it’s pretty cool. I’ve had people offer me walnuts, chocolate, and these prune looking things with seeds at the core of them, with a couple questions following like “what do you do back home”, “what made you want to do the Camino”, and “what is your plans for when you return”. I can’t wait for what the next 30+ days have in store.   ENJOY THE PICS!

IMG_0867 IMG_0879 IMG_0869 IMG_0886 IMG_0890 IMG_0885 IMG_0907 IMG_0913 IMG_0915 IMG_0894 IMG_0897 IMG_0909 IMG_0934 IMG_0929 IMG_0926 IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0950 IMG_0978 IMG_0954 IMG_0975 IMG_0863

4 thoughts on “3 days. 44 miles. 25 hours of trekking

  1. OMG Kosta Spiros, I think back 21 years ago when you played with your feet and nibble on your toes that 21 years later those beautiful feet are taking you across Spain. I love the pictures, you look sooo happy and we are so proud of you. I’m walking right next to you son.
    Love Mom

  2. Well my boy, I’m at the me cabo pool side and viewed your blog. First and foremost, very proud of your accomplishment this far. Hope each and every day your learning more about yourself and what life has to offer you. Keep strong as I know you can complete both the challenge and task at hand. Great photos and your looking healthy. Love you. dad

  3. Fabulous Kosta, so proud of you. Any time you think – wow how can I go on, just remember you really only have one foot left, then one more foot and so on. You are amazing and an inspiration. Love Thea Mara

  4. Wow kosta, that is so inspiring, Harry & I are so proud of you! Keep going and enjoy the journey, may God keep you safe and healthy, love from all of us,
    Thea Lori

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