Camino Stage 2: COMPLETE – 212 miles

Yeaaaaaa babyyy stage 2 is completed!:)

Stage 2 was grueling and the scenery was the least motivating compared to the first 100 miles of stage 1, which made it a lot harder to push through mentally. Majority of the walking was through endless cornfields, and dried farm land and on top of that the heat was scorching my delicate Greek skin to near melting. To kill the time and help maintain some sanity I ended up buying a few audiobooks on my phone which would last for anywhere from 6 to 8 hours, as well as started to stray away from the whole solitude approach and decided walking with people might help mix things up a bit and add some spice to the never ending days that would lie ahead.

I met Bastien, a 26 year old German dude who ended up being a really cool guy. I walked with him for about 3 days. One of the days, we ended up sending our backpacks on taxi and walked a record breaking 54 kilometers in a little over 12 hours! After that I was ready to fake my death and have my travel insurance prepare a free flight home for me, it was one hell of an experience… literally.

However, that trek made me realize the power of the mind and how much your perception and reaction can effect your motivation and will to finish. If you keep a strong spirit and visualize your destination with a sense of humor and compassion rather than with resistance and frustration you will notice a big weight of stress and negative energy lifted off your already fatigued structure. As I took up a more childish and humorous approach to the situation, joking, running to release energy and catching myself laughing out loud at how stupid we were to think we would make this trek with ease, and somehow felt the whole situation funny while Bastien on the other hand was acting like the kid who left the candy store empty handed. Sometimes you really just have to laugh it off, I promise you’ll feel much better in the end!

Today was the Half way point, and day 7 of becoming a vegetarian (that’s a whole other story)! I decided to continue past Santiago another 3 days to achieve walking the whole land mass of Spain to the first sight of Sea in the city of Finisterre, Spain. Wish me luck!

Enjoy The PICS:)

Bastien and I right before our 54 kilometer walk
Sunrising.. possibly the most peaceful walk yet
coming over the hill to see this in the distance wasn’t too inspiring lol

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One thought on “Camino Stage 2: COMPLETE – 212 miles

  1. Ko
    Congratulations, making it the 1/2 way mark. 🙂 and testing your inner being/soul to complete the walk and reach the ultimate goal. Glad that you hooked up with Bastien during your walk. especially what you had to endure, with the long strenuous walk, dealing with heat, continuous walking, dirt road, see farms, grass etc. Wow I can just imagine what your mind was thinking day in and day out, in attempts for each step getting closer and closer reaching your goal. Very proud of your accomplishments and know that everyone who reads your blog is rooting for you and anyone that is part of your venture on the walk to Santiago.

    Your write up and to share, what it takes with determination and the outcome which alone is self re-warding makes you not only feel great. More so what one can accomplish if he puts his mind into and not fight it. its like riding the waves with no pressure instead of hitting the waves, and your mind and body getting beat up. Well this is what life is about, and if you contribute what is necessary to fit in with society, then you can do anything with a positive outlook and for others to see that ora of one self. photos are fantastic, and you made me giggle when I saw your photo next to the yithudie (Donkey). your passion rubbing him or her, looks as you made a connection.
    At least I am glad you stood on the side and not behind, as you know, their known to kick. Haday my boy, I hear that your planning on coming home mid September, and hope your ready to come home and your journey thus far as been self rewarding. Keep focused and stay positive. the end is near and you know you can do it. look forward to seeing additional write up to keep us posted and photos . You look GREAT. Remember your the fruit of my loins…and of course I give credit to your mother. love always, DAD

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