This is a MUST watch: Message for Humanity

This stuff get’s me going lol. It’s more than obvious that we’re living in a fucked up world. If your not fighting for change then at least support those who are. We don’t need anymore accountants managing another mans greed, or outsourcing business moguls who care more about maximizing their marginal costs then the well being of humanity, or fashion designers wasting time on materialistic bullshit. Did you know we’ve had the cure to cancer; free energy was invented long ago by Nikola Tesla, and we have the technology and resources to provide a sustainable life without killing our own habitat. All these great things are either kept a secret or put in the archives simply because of GREED and the blow it would cause to stocks and the pockets of those in power! Wake up people, you see the worlds economies crashing and governments being revolted against, these next 5 years are going to be detrimental to our future and future generations, it’s time to act and expand your mind beyond the cubicles of your office, or walls of your home! Politicians are nothing but snakes, so stop thinking they’re going to change anything.


3 thoughts on “This is a MUST watch: Message for Humanity

  1. Thank you for posting the video. I’ve always said the same thing. I tell people there’s been a cure for cancer too. I also say there’s so much we don’t that gov’t is hiding it would just make us sick. I’m with ya on this!

  2. Nice video, and Unfortunetaly it will take a miracle for such a change. You can only do what you can and everyone In this world must survive and the way of survival in a Society is work to earn your keep. Then u can choose to do what u earned with your self made money to help the cause or a cause. Greed is part of the world and those who take advantage to live this way end up losing at the end. God bless America
    Love dad

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