Camino De Santiago – Part 4 (334 miles)

Slowly, but surely. Step by step. Mountain range by mountain range. I am getting closer and closer to the end of this life changing experience.

Young or Old, Whoever you may be or think you are. If your stuck in a rut, confused on your life’s purpose or just need some clarity and understanding I STRONGLY recommend buying a one way ticket to France and embarking on this 30+ day adventure. You really start to understand why all the wise men and women over the years, emphasize simplicity. It’s like the more you add to your life the higher the bar is set to maintain your happiness which usually only makes you want more and more. When you keep things simple you learn to appreciate the pines in the pine tree, not just the forest that it is surrounded by.

Enjoy the pics, and sorry for the late update:)

IMG_1446 IMG_1445 IMG_1443 IMG_1407 IMG_1373 IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1383 IMG_1400 IMG_1380 IMG_1367 IMG_1369 IMG_1366 IMG_1358

wedding crashersss
wedding crashersss
Leon Cathedral
Leon Cathedral

IMG_1326 IMG_1334

little man has swagg
little man has swagg

IMG_1344 IMG_1345 IMG_1322 IMG_1321 IMG_1309 IMG_1305

another amazing note left on my bag in the morning
another amazing note left on my bag in the morning

8 thoughts on “Camino De Santiago – Part 4 (334 miles)

  1. Kosta, I love your photographs, perhaps you could contemplate becoming a photojournalist, you do have a knack for it and your composition is really good for someone without formal training. I hope that when you get back to our “reality” that you will be able to maintain a simple life, it’s doable but harder than you may think. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures live. Love Thea Mara

    1. haha i don’t know about photo journalism but im glad you like the photos! as far as coming home and maintaining simplicity is doubtful but im just thankful to been able to experience it and reflect back on it when needed. See you soon and thanks for following!
      Love, Ko

  2. Ko,
    YOU LOOK GREAT 🙂 beautiful photos as well. By reading your blog, I hope you have found peace and harmony within yourself. it is amazing when you have an open mind and you can accomplish what you feel is important. As they say, don’t sweat the small stuff and lose your thoughts of the bigger picture and opportunities ahead of you. As your Father always say’s: you are responsible for your own action and decisions. You can be your own worse enemy or you can be your own best friend with an open mind to accept what is in front of you to deal with everyday life. When we accept how life is, we just make the best of the situation to have a productive life for ourselves, and by accepting what is needed to accept runs off on other to find true happiness for themselves. Walk proud, smile, take in the scenery and meeting new people each and every day. With much love, DAD

  3. Just stumbled across this blog post.
    Great photography. We travelled Spain last year. Beautiful country, stunning scenery, and fantastic people and culture! You really captured the essence of the country with your photos!

    The Camino is definitely on my to-do list, and am thinking of cycling it (another route, from Seville) next spring/summer.

    Best of luck with whatever you do next.

  4. Hi Kosta! What a wonderful journey. I am sure you will never be the same and home will look and feel so different. I am so proud of you Kosta really
    Many people in a lifetime wish to take a journey like this but you did it. You look great. You are surely missed here in america. Cindy

  5. BIG K,
    Awesome pictures and great words brotha. Such a priceless learning experience. “When you keep things simple you learn to appreciate the pines in the pine tree, not just the forest that it is surrounded by.” Have an awesome rest of a trip and never let the fire that you bring back form it burn out.
    Much love, Scuba Steve

  6. Kosta,
    Mara already beat me to it, but it’s worth repeating. You have a very good eye for photography. You capture such simple & beautiful images. I also love your photos of people just going about their day & especially those of children. You should be very proud of all your efforts & the wisdom you have gained through your experiences. We should all aspire to live more “Simply” & remember to just be in the moment.

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