A little over 500 miles later..(pics included)

WOOOOO! it’s all over:) currently sitting beachside reflecting back on the past 34 days of rising around 5-6:30 am, walking anywhere between 7 and 12 hours and being bed ridden for the remaining of the days resting aching feet, joints and blistered skin. This was a very spiritual journey for me, although I am not a man of religion, I do know and have had direct contact with a the Light/higher consciousness/cosmic energy or GOD for you mainstream thinkers, which led me to the Camino de Santiago in the first place. I’ve found my calling, I’ve gained clarity and wisdom far greater than I could have imagined and now have a much better feel for Life and its great mysteries.

Thank you Camino for showing me my purpose in this life, thank you for making me realize how much my family means to me, and thank you for the amazing people you’ve placed in my path along the way and last but not least, thank you for really teaching me to just let go and LIVE.

Life lessons learned over the past 34 days, from the border of France to the tip of Spain.

1. Each day started off smooth at around 6am (still dark out) and I would walk until around 2pm sometimes later. In life, if things are meant to be it will almost always start out smooth, with a passion, joy or energy that really hits home with you. However, you will be tested along the way, and before you reach your goal big or small the universe will test your will power to overcome and the intentions you hold in your heart to make sure you’re well deserving. So know when things get hard, yet when your vision is still strong to keep moving (in my case one step at a time)

2. You’ve heard it before and I’ll tell you again. It’s the journey NOT the destination. Learn to perceive each waking day as a destination of it’s own and look into the eyes of those who matter most to you and appreciate the journey and never ending destination of friendship, love and appreciation.

3. Cultivate your inner child, get silly and let loose! laugh at yourself, talk to yourself do whatever the fuck you want. Look at your life as a book and make sure you’re entertaining the reader!

4. Dare to imagine. Life is nothing without a great imagination. Everything you see around you made by man was once imagined! Using your imagination is one of the few tools to really free your mind and give you a sense of infinite possibilities and creativity.

5. Help yourself by helping others! even if its just shooting them a big ol’ smile or a charismatic “HEY how’s it going?!” lighten up the energy and moods of others and I promise you’ll see improvements of your own.

6. Always observe, but never judge. Observing is sitting on the edge of a river looking into the meadow, not labeling trees as trees, or grass as grass but just observing free of judgements (labels). If you see Tiffany having a break down because her boyfriend bought her a silver watch instead of the white Michael Cors watch, instead of judging her behavior just observe and move on. Judging really just brings forth negative energy within yourself and get’s a snow ball rolling in the wrong direction, you’ll even notice yourself getting tired after a while.

7. CHARACTER! In life you will always be marketing and selling yourself, even before the service or product you may have to offer. Establishing a strong character is crucial. Always keep your character in check and forever work on making constant progression in the way you see yourself in your dreams. Follow your gut feeling, be moral and never let greed skew your view!

8.Preparation. Anything is possible with a good base of preparation. You can’t be a great gymnast without having a lean, strong body. You can’t fight Floyd Mayweather and expect to win without preparation. You can’t be happy in life and with the external world unless you’re happy with yourself at the core of your being, and that takes preparation by traveling, exploring, testing the waters, facing your fears, until you’ve shaped yourself through experience of trial and error.

9. LEARN TO LET GO! life really isn’t secure, seeking security is really an insecurity! everything changes constantly! it’s ok to seek knowledge of security but sooner or later you need to give up and realize you will never actually have a full grasp over a situation 5 years from now. People walk in and out of your life, employees quit at moments notice, you can get a text from your dad telling you that you owe a $570 international phone bill, like what just happened to me! Learn to let go of attachments, don’t let yourself become a slave of possessions.

10. Most importantly, a successful external world will not exist or will only be temporary until you have a successful inner world. Chase your truth, find your passions, if you don’t have joy and enthusiasm in your life it might be time to switch things up a bit. Center your mind through meditation, yoga or excersizing. You must always seek to improve and nourish the mind, body and soul. If your lacking in one area you won’t be at your full potential. Don’t get caught up in the rat race and lose focus of how special you really are.

With courage to walk your own path, discipline to keep yourself in check and the will power to know what’s best for YOU no matter how crazy, weird or different that may be from your neighbor; Success is only a patience game away;)

I’ve got a lot more but just wanted to share a quick 10 lol sorry for rambling, Enjoy the PICS.


Santiago de Compostela!!
before Christopher Columbus set sail this was known to be “the end of the world”.. super inspiring moment for me thinking about the endless possibilities

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Adrien and I cooked up our first vegetarian dish together:) going to miss my hippy friend
Adrien and I cooked up our first vegetarian dish together:) going to miss my hippy friend

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